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Extended VS Presentation plugin for Eclipse

Extended VS Presentation plugin contributes powerful editing sessions management and highly customisable and very useful Eclipse skin ("look and feel").

Here you can see some examples

Editing sessions management ("Window->Editing Sessions") allows you remember opened editors set (session) and reload it any time later. This is useful if you often switch from one to another context (see also bug 105896). If you ever used Opera browser, you know the trick ;-)

The skin does not only have all "default" Eclipse presentation features but adds much more useful things like fully customizable opened/closed editor lists, really useful tab area with predictable tab ordering policy, clear and space - saving look, much more customization options like the tab size / padding / border / color / fonts, "on-the-fly" themes switch support without to "reboot" Eclipse etc.

This programm is free and is distributed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

Users about Extended VS Presentation

Plugin page at Eclipse plugin central


Please use Eclipse update manager to install this plugin.

Eclipse 3.3 - 3.4:

Go to "Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... -> Search for new features to install -> Next -> New Remote Site..."

Eclipse 3.5+:

Go to "Help -> Install new Software... -> Work with:"

and use the http://andrei.gmxhome.de/eclipse/ as url.


First time after plugin installation please enable Extended VS Presentation under:

Window->Preferences->General->Appearance->Current presentation.

Please choose "Extended VS Presentation". You need torestart Eclipse after that.

Enable/Disable Extended VS Presentation

Manual download


Browse source code


Simply use it. Don't forget to check out the <Ctrl + E> shortcut for the fully customizable editor list and try to customize preferences under:

Window->Preferences->General->Appearance->Extended VS Presentation


Window->Preferences->General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts-> Extended VS Presentation

Why Extended VS Presentation plugin?

I hate the MRU tab order bug which was introduced with Eclipse 3.0 and is still not fixed in 3.2. This very weird "feature" is a part of default Eclipse installation, so you have no chance to fix it until you use the default presentation. On the other side, there was a "VS Presentation" plugin from Willian Mitsuda, which doesn't have many features from the "default" Eclipse presentation but doesn't also have the MRU :)

My "Extended VS Presentation" plugin is derived from "VS Presentation" plugin from Willian Mitsuda - I have greatly improved and extended it with all missing features from the default Eclipse presentation. Moreover, my plugin offers much more useful features as the default presentation (look here).

Again, many thanks to Willian for his great idea / first implementation.


Please send comments to loskutov

Open issues / Report new issues

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or add Extended VS Presentation to your stack at Ohloh
Support development of the plugin:


New in version 1.5.7 [24.06.2014] (3.6-3.8)

  • Requires Java 1.6 and Eclipse 3.6 as minimal target environment.

  • Bug fix (minor): fixed too fast maximize/minimize handling on Linux, which caused wrong tab to be activated

New in version 1.5.6 [29.08.2010] (3.5-3.6)

  • New feature: new option "Reduce toolbar size on GTK" which allows user to fix HUGE toolbar buttons on latest Ubuntu (Mint)

  • Bug fix (minor): fixed too fast maximize/minimize handling on Linux, which caused wrong tab to be activated

New in version 1.5.5 [10.06.2010] (3.5-3.6)

  • New feature: allow to hide view tabs title, as proposed by Eugeny Loy.

New in version 1.5.4 [30.05.2010] (3.5-3.6)

  • Minor update: just updated EPL notice and support info.

New in version 1.5.3 [24.05.2009] (3.4-3.5)

  • Feature: allow to re-open closed files even if the editor input doesn't support getPersistable() (see issue 7)

  • Bugfix: NPE on maximize editor area after update to 1.5.2 (see issue 8)

New in version 1.5.2 [05.04.2009] (3.4 only)

  • Patch from Fabio Zadrozny: "Add option in preferences so that ESC key does not close detached views"

  • Bugfix: if view has no menu, view menu button will not be shown anymore

  • Patch from Fabio Zadrozny: "Keep the toolbar always visible and don't loose the list of closed editors"

  • Patch from Fabio Zadrozny: "Editors closed with Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 don't appear in the closed editors list"

  • Patch from Fabio Zadrozny: "Add a way to traverse the tabs (ctrl+page up/ctrl+page down)"

  • Fix for NPE at TabArea.removeLayoutListener(TabArea.java:191)

New in version 1.5.1 [07.01.2009] (3.4 only)

  • Added tooltip for view tabs.

  • Added "Sort Tabs" menu entry to the view tabs.

  • "Sort Tabs" action (for boths editor and view tabs) works now as a toggle button: if the tabs are already sorted, it will revert the sort order.

  • Added two new preferences: "Always sort editor tabs" and "Always sort view tabs" (inspired by this blog entry). The behavior is quite simple: if this preference is enabled, tabs will be always automatically sorted.

New in version 1.5.0 [07.08.2008] (3.4 only)

  • Improved "Save to Session" menu behavoir: this is now not a single menu entry called "Save to Session", but a pull down menu with the list of already saved sessions and a separated "New Session" entry. Selection of one of existing sessions will override selected session content with the list of currently opened editors. Selecting the "New Session" entry will bring up a dialog prompting for new session name.

    Editing Sessions menu
  • Added "Close Left Tabs" and "Close Right Tabs" menu entries to the editor tabs. This actions will close all tabs left or right to the current tab. Together with "Sort Tabs" it opens a new era in the Eclipse editors tab management: it's possible to close all the "right" tabs starting with the W letter and beyond ;-)

  • Added "Open New Untitled Text File" menu entry to the editor tabs. it's just a shortcut to the File->New->Untitled Text File.

  • Fixed bug where "close on middle click" worked only on second click.

    Editing Sessions menu

New in version 1.4.8 [23.07.2008] (3.4 only)

  • Added recovery of editor sessions with invalid editor/factories id's (for the case if the original editor/factory is not more present in Eclipse, plugin will try to open the default text editor instead).

  • Improved "Window->Editing Sessions" menu: it works now even if Extended VS Presentation is not set as default presentation.

  • Added new "Copy All Paths to Clipboard" menu to editor tab. This will try to copy absolute paths from all opened editors to clipboard, separated with newline character.

  • Added two new menus to "Window->Editing Sessions" menu: "Copy Session to Clipboard" and "Open Session from Clipboard". It allows to quickly share the current editing sessions between two different Eclipse windows. It's very useful if working on same files in different software releases/workspaces.

    Editing Sessions menu

  • The new "Open Session from Clipboard" menu additionally understand "plain" file lists, like


    This allows to quickly open a bunch of editors with two clicks. Each line in the list must contain one absolute path to the file, all directories or not existing files will be ignored.

  • For (poor) Clearcase users: now you can use output of "ct lsco -short -avobs -cview" command directly to open editors on all checked out files.

New in version 1.4.7 [02.07.2008] (3.4 only)

  • Added "Sort Tabs" action to the editor tabs menu:

    Editor tab menu
  • Saved editing sessions preserve the tab order after re-load from disk

  • Fixed annoying NPE on mouse move over the editors list border in Eclipse 3.4

New in version 1.4.6 [02.06.2008] (3.4 only)

  • Added new preference "Minimize views to coolbar", which allows to switch the Minimize/Maximize view behavoir to the pre-Eclipse 3.3 style. Default is the Eclipse 3.3 default (means, the views are minimized to the coolbar).

  • Fixed bug 225780 where selecting a menu button on an inactive view may cause strange view menu behavior

  • More for fun: enabled hidden "Native UI" presentation, which was always the part of "default" Eclipse but never got released. This presentation is not supported and is out-of-date, but it is funny to see how it may look ;-) Please do not use this presentation in production environment.


Here you can see older versions history

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