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Extended VS Presentation plugin for Eclipse: examples

Extended VS Presentation screenshots (old version, new looks even better :o))

Screenshot 1 (Default theme)

Screenshot 2 (Hight contrast theme)

Screenshot 3 (Minimalistic Theme)

Animated screenshots (how the things works ~ 210 KB)

Enable/disable Extended VS Presentation here

Enable/Disable Extended VS Presentation

Set custom properties here (this settings will override current theme settings)

Set custom tab properties here


Change selected theme properties here (this settings will override current theme settings)

Change selected Theme properties here

Customisable "<Ctrl+E>" editor list

Customisable "<Ctrl+E>" editor list

"Editing Sessions" menu

Editing sessions menu

It is possible to remember all opened editors in the whole window or only in the editor group, and reload them later. You could also remember opened or closed editor list as a session:

Opened editor list: <ctrl+e>
Editor tab menu

If you "Close all" editors, closed editors would be automatically remembered as "Recently closed" session. Same works if you load another session -> last editor set would be automatically remembered. This way you could never loose you working context and quickly switch from one task to another and back.

You could also manage (load, rename, duplicate, delete) saved sessions: Window->Editing Sessions->Manage Sessions... You could change the default behavoir on loading session - if the already opened editors should be closed and if you should be asked to confirm this each time:

Manage sessions dialog

Finally you could disable all this nice stuff (but do you really want?):

Editing Sessions menu enablement

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