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Hidden Memory Monitor in Eclipse 3.1

Eclipse 3.1 has a built-in Memory Monitor (aka Heap Status) Plugin, which is a part of org.eclipse.ui.workbench_3.1.0.jar.

heap status monitor

The only one problem with it - this monitor is shown only if Eclipse was started in debug mode... But debug mode is slow... The solution - you can replace the default WorkbenchWindow class with the patched one and then you have a nice Monitor and do not need to start Eclipse in debug mode ;)




Shutdown Eclipse, replace the WorkbenchWindow.class in the org.eclipse.ui.workbench_3.1.0.jar and restart Eclipse. Voilà tout.

This patch works also with the 3.1.1 release of Eclipse, please note that the jar file name was changed to org.eclipse.ui.workbench_3.1.1.jar.


Simply use it.


I'm not the author of this plugin, therefore please send comments to:


The link to the earlier version of the built-in plugin:


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