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JDepend plugin for Eclipse: JDepend4Eclipse

JDepend4Eclipse plugin for Eclipse is a wrapper for running JDepend from within Eclipse.

- What is JDepend? (from www.clarkware.com):

JDepend traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package. JDepend allows you to automatically measure the quality of a design in terms of its extensibility, reusability, and maintainability to manage package dependencies effectively.

Here is an article about open source tools useful for code analysis:

Automation for the people: Improving code with Eclipse plugins

Here you can see some examples

Advanced JDepend documantation are available as online help in Eclipse (press F1 key) or on the JDepend creator's site (please do not ask me what JDepend metrics are - ask Mike:)

This programm is free, see copyright.

JDepend integration

JDepend4Eclipse uses (patched) JDepend version 2.9.1. This tool is also free and is included to JDepend4Eclipse destribution. Please visit http://www.clarkware.com/software/JDepend.html to obtain latest information about JDepend.

Users about JDepend4Eclipse

Tutorial for JDepend4Eclipse at www.testearly.com: click here


Please use Eclipse update manager to install this plugin.

Eclipse 3.3 - 3.4:

Go to "Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... -> Search for new features to install -> Next -> New Remote Site..."

Eclipse 3.5:

Go to "Help -> Install new Software... -> Work with:"

and use the http://andrei.gmxhome.de/eclipse/ as url.



Browse source code


Right click on any folder(s)/package(s) with Java resources in the Pakage Explorer view, and then select "Run JDepend analysis". JDepend perspective will be opened. This works on multiple selection or on binary projects too. Voila!

Note: this is only one way to start JDepend4Eclipse. Opening view or perspective from "Window/Open Perspective/Other.../JDepend" makes no sense.

Note: If you missing some packages in the JDepend Perspective, please check "Window/Preferences/Java/JDepend/Package filters" for them.

Nice article (tutorial) about JDepend4Eclipse at www.testearly.com: click here


Please send comments to loskutov

Open issues / Report new issues

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or add JDepend4Eclipse to your stack at Ohloh
Support development of the plugin:


New in version 1.2.4 (for Eclipse 3.6 - 4.4 only) [24.06.2014]

  • Preliminary support for Java 8.

    Requires Java 1.6 and Eclipse 3.6 as minimal target environment.

New in version 1.2.3 (for Eclipse 3.5 - 3.7 only) [07.08.2011]

New in version 1.2.2 (for Eclipse 3.5 - 3.6 only) [30.05.2010]

  • fixed JDepend "save" dialog on Linux (thanks to Jens Cornelis)

  • fixed never ending JDepend console output job

New in version 1.2.1 (for Eclipse 3.2 , 3.3 and 3.4) [26.09.2007]

  • fixed strange classpath resolving problem on Linux & Eclipse 3.3

New in version 1.2.0 (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3) [05.05.2007]

Visible for user:

  • sorting in all metrics tables by any column

  • instant output as xml/text into the new JDepend Console

  • new button to switch instant output on/off in the Packages view

  • new button to save JDepend output in the Packages view

  • new button to toggle xml/text output on/off in the JDepend Console view

  • new preferences to save in xml/text and remember this selection under Window->Preferences->Java->Jdepend

  • Enabled menus "Navigate->Show in..." for elements, selected in Packages view

  • Enabled Java Search action set in JDepend Perspective (need some more work to made it fully supported)

  • Added some Java related views/perspectives into the Window->Show View/Open Perspective

  • current selection in Packages view is shown in the status line with full path

  • JDepend analysis is always started now non-blocking (in a progress job)

Invisible for user:

  • fixed a lot of old and odd code

  • enabled other plugins to provide menus for selected IResource/IJavaElement

  • jdepend.textui + jdepend.xmlui classes are now included in the plugin too


  • compiled against Eclipse 3.2, not sure if it still works with Eclipse 3.1

  • discontinued support for Eclipse 3.1

  • thanks to Christopher Aspromgos for his feedback during the construction phase :p

Note: if you have used JDepend4Eclipse < 1.2.0, please reset JDepend perspective to see all new changes (right click on perspective switch button -> Reset)

Here you can see older versions history

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