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Eclipse MRU bug #68684

Eclipse need your helpOn my main job as Java consultant I work each day many hours with Eclipse on large enterprise projects. As Eclipse plugin developer I spent also much time to create different additions to Eclipse IDE. I can say I'm experienced Eclipse user and Java developer. Therefore I have decided to dedicate this page to the MRU bug - the ugliest program feature I have seen in my life (ok, don't remind me of M$ Word).

What is MRU bug ?

Eclipse need your helpSince version 3.0 Eclipse UI has a new editor tab positioning policy, called MRU. Unlike in all other program in the universe, someone at IBM has decided that in Eclipse editor tabs should be automatically reordered, if there isn't enough space on the editor tabs area.

The problem is that the implemented tab reodrering strategy absolutely ignores custom changes on the tab order. This strategy does not maintain the most natural tab order (the order in which the tabs are initially opened). As a result, one does not have any hope of finding particular editor tab after even five minutes working on a big project.


Eclipse need your helpHelp Eclipse UI Team to figure out what the majority of the Eclipse community feels - write you opinion on the bug page, vote against this bug, ask all you collegues to add their comments to the bug database.



Kind regards, Andrei.

To the MRU bug


Take a look to the Extended VS Presentation plugin for Eclipse - this plugin does not use any weird algorithms to place the tabs.

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