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AnyEdit tools plugin history

New in version 2.1.3 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [07.01.2009]

  • bugfix: "Print" button can be removed from toolbar again in Eclipse 3.4

New in version 2.1.2 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [24.10.2008]

  • bugfix: "spaces -> tabs" sometimes caused StringIndexOutOfBoundsException exception.

  • bugfix: "spaces -> tabs" sometimes didn't converted leading spaces properly

New in version 2.1.1 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [29.09.2008]

  • new feature: if both file names for "Compare with..." editor are the same, full file paths are used in the editor title.

  • bugfix: fixed potential NPE in "Compare With..." on unsupported editor types.

  • bugfix: "Compare With Editor " shows now all opened editors as proposal (previously only opened AND initialized editors was shown in the list).

  • bugfix: "Compare With Editor " does not show now editor opened on the same file as proposal (previously it was shown if action was triggered from navigator or editor was opened many times on same file).

  • bugfix: "Compare With... " editor is not more confused after user changes, if the code of both editors do not have differences anymore.

New in version 2.1.0 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [18.09.2008]

  • new feature: if "Compare With..." is executed on selected text, it supports patching the selected text if editor is still opened. Use case: huge editor where only one part need to be compared with some text from clipboard. During compare, you can modify the selected text in compare editor and the changes will be saved back to the original editor.

  • new feature: if "Compare With..." is executed on selected text, it supports update of the selected text if original editor content inside the selection was changed. Use case: huge editor where only one part need to be compared with some text from clipboard. During compare, you can modify the selected text in original editor and the changes will be shown immediately in compare editor.

  • new feature: compare editors, opened with "Compare With..." actions, will be re-compared again after changing and saving compare editor content.

  • new feature: if "Replace With..." is executed on selected text, it replaces only the selection. Use case: huge editor where only one part need to be replaced with some text from external file.

  • new feature: all "Compare/Replace With..." are working now with "Unnamed Text File" editor.

  • improvement: during "Spaces to Tabs" conversion leading spaces are better handled now if they count does not fully match the tab size.

  • cosmetics: fixed "Compare/Replace With..." menu order in external editors.

  • cosmetics: "Replace With..." in external editors doesn't prompt to refresh file content after replacing document anymore.

  • bugfix: "Compare/Replace With..." actions had in external editors problems on files without file suffix.

New in version 2.0.3 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [14.07.2008]

  • new feature: all "Compare/Replace With..." actions can now be bound with key shortcuts via "Window->Preferences->General->Keys". Per default no keybindings are defined (there are not so much free bindings left in Eclipse ;-). Now all AnyEdit actions can be started via some keys combination.

    Ctrl + 3
  • As a neat side-effect, now it is possible to run "Compare with Clipboard" (or any other AnyEdit action) by opening quick command assist with "Ctrl+3" and typing "Clipb" (or any part of the action name). How cool is that ;-)

  • bug fix: custom *project* exclusion filters are properly used during auto-convert "on save"

New in version 2.0.2 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [15.05.2008]

  • bug fix: "Compare/Replace With editor..." editors list does not contain already opened compare editors

New in version 2.0.1 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [13.05.2008]

  • Fixed enablement of "Compare/Replace With Editor..." actions

  • "Compare/Replace With External File..." actions remembers now last used file

  • "Compare/Replace With Editor..." action dialog is now resizable and remembers now last used size/location

  • "Compare/Replace With Editor..." action dialog shows full paths for files with same names

New in version 2.0.0 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [06.05.2008]

  • Added four new actions to the each "Compare With" and "Replace With" menu (available in context menu of selected file in Navigator, Package Explorer, Project Explorer and also in the editors):

    File/Editor context actions

  • Added "Compare With" and "Replace With" menus to the context menu of external editors and also Java Class file editor (the one used to show source of imported libraries etc).

  • When it is useful? (#1) Consider you have two big pieces of code in the same editor which looks pretty similar, and you wish to compare them. Now you can just select one of the pieces, "Ctrl+C" (clipboard), then select the next one and choose "Compare With -> Clipboard" and get the Eclipse compare editor up (original idea © by Stefan Chyssler :).

  • When it is useful? (#2) Have you ever tried to compare external file editor or class file editor with other files/editors? Just try it :-) There is NO way... Eclipse just don't provide any chance to do it by default. If you can't select editor's file in some kind of navigator, then you will never able to compare it in Eclipse => you have either run external diff tool or somehow import your external file into the workspace.

  • When it is useful? (#3) Have you ever tried to compare any two opened editors together? It works fine if you have a small project with one folder and 10 files. Ok, in this case you do not need to know what is Anyedit good for :-) But if you have 30+ projects in different working sets, it gets worser - you have navigate first to the first file, select this one, hold Ctrl key, navigate to the second file, select it too and then open a context menu to compare both. Usually you have also to unset some filters or enable/disable selected working sets etc, so it will never be done with less then 5-10 clicks.

  • But now you can compare ANY opened text editor with just 3 clicks! The new feature is a real time saver - and it is even possible to compare/patch two external editors together!

  • If "Compare With" action is executed in the context of an opened editor, and editor selection is not empty, then only the selection is compared, otherwise the whole editor buffer.

  • Compare editors opened on both workspace or external files supports patching of content.

  • Before "Compare With-> Clipboard" action, text from clipboard will be transformed to have same newlines as the selected editor/file

  • Before "Replace With" action will be executed on a dirty editor, editor will be saved to create new version in local history

  • Bugfix: unchecked files should be now properly checked out from VCS before executing "File->Convert Tabs<->Spaces" action

  • Bugfix: "Ctrl+S" in the Variables view don't show a stupid "File is read-only!" dialog if debugging read-only class file on Eclipse 3.4

  • Internal package renaming

New in version 1.9.3 (Eclipse 3.3-3.4 only) [04.03.2008]

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Eclipse 3.4 M5

New in version 1.9.2 (Eclipse 3.3 only) [01.11.2007]

  • Added support for Aptana studio editors

  • Added support for Adobe Flex 3 Beta editors

  • 1.9.1.* versions was for inernal tests only

New in version 1.9.0 (Eclipse 3.3 only) [06.10.2007]

  • Anyedit requires now Eclipse 3.3.

  • Added "Convert -> to/from Unicode notation" context menu items

  • Added Convert -> to/from Base64" context menu items

  • Both new commands was contributed with great help from Stefan Seidel. Many thanks to Stefan!

  • To configure keybindings for new commands above, go to
    Window -> Preferences -> General-> Keys , enable "Include unbound commands" option and type "anyedit" as filter text. Then the list of all Anyedit commands would be shown

    AnyEdit editor context actions
  • Added new options for unicode/base64 convert at:
    Window->Preferences->General->Editors-> Anyedit Tools->Convert...

  • As default, only non-ASCII, non-whitespace characters are converted to unicode (\uXXXX) sequences. This could be changed by enabling preference "escape ALL characters". Then really ALL characters would be converted to unicode sequences.

  • Print button is now *not* removed as default (Eclipse 3.3 has finally printing support for Linux)

  • "Show whitespaces" button is now *not* visible as default and need to be enabled for each perspective (Eclipse 3.3 has finally built-in "whitespaces" button, thanks to CDT folks and bug 22712).
    To do so, go to
    Window-> Customize Perspective -> Command tab and enable "Whitespace (Anyedit tools)" entry

  • Manifest.mf is added to the default auto-convert exclusion list

  • French and Spanish translation files are removed as unsupported, also because there is no language packs for Eclipse 3.3 itself anymore

  • on Linux, ":" character is added to the default characters, disallowed for file name/paths in "Open file" action

  • some internal code cleanup because of dropped Eclipse 3.2 support

  • slightly changed some "convert" menu icons

New in version 1.8.2 [14.06.2007]

  • Small fix for spaces to tabs convert behavoir in 1.8.1 - it was slightly changed compared to 1.8.0, now it is reverted back

  • Added new option (disabled by default) to automatically (on save) create a new line at the end of the file if the last line was not terminated by new line... Useful for source files if compiler requires the last line terminated by new line.

AnyEdit new line preference

New in version (hotfix) [04.06.2007]

  • [no code change in this version]

  • Fixed 1.4 JRE compatibility: the 1.8.1 version was unintentionally compiled to 1.5 bytecode level. Sorry for any inconvenience. Users running Eclipse on top of 1.5+ JRE's are not affected.

New in version 1.8.1 (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only) [03.06.2007]

AnyEdit import/export working sets wizards
  • Added new "File->Import/Export->Working Sets" wizards. This feature is similar to the new hidden gem in Eclipse 3.3 (switch workspace dialog has now an option to copy existing working sets).
    Import/Export working sets wizards allows you to store working set definitions to the file and apply them to the another workspace by importing them. This is especially useful when working on big workspaces containing same set of projects (each workspace represents just different product version or branch). Please first import projects into the workspace, and then working sets, otherwise working sets would be imported but empty.
    Note: only working set descriptions would be imported/exported, and not the resources included in the working sets.

  • Applied Spring editor support patch from Michael Shavnev (thanks)

  • Added support for xsd and wsdl editors from WTP

  • Added new option "Replace all spaces (not only leading) while "convert spaces to tabs" action"

New in version 1.8.0 (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only) [05.05.2007]

  • Internal code cleanup and refactoring

  • Fully compatible with Eclipse 3.3 M7

  • Added support for Makefile / ASM editors from CDT

  • Made most of Anyedit API visible for other plugins.

  • Added extension point for "Open file" action. This allows to add custom algorithms to compute and open editors based on information under the cursor. If you looking for a much powerful solution (like extension point for HyperlinkDetectors), then the bug 88293 is for you. This would allow custom contributions for ctrl+click in Eclipse 3.3.

  • Any suggestions which extension points might be also useful for other plugins are welcome (except for "do XYZ on save..." because there is a new official API in Eclipse 3.3 which should be used for that).

  • Fixed possible NPE in ToggleWhiteSpace.dispose() method (thanks Stefan Höhn to reporting this issue)


New in version 1.7.0 (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only) [20.02.2007]

AnyEdit console context actions
  • Added "Save to file..." toolbar button and menu to the Console views. Now it is possible to save selected text or entire console content to the file with few clicks. Tested consoles: Java run / debug / stack trace, External tools, Ant, CVS, CDT make. Known limitation: SVN (Subclipse) Console is not supported by design (no access to console viewer or document).

  • AnyEdit can automatically open the editor with saved console output

  • Added new preference page with new options for the "Save to file..." operation

  • Improved handling of incorrect file path with "Open file" on Windows (thanks Stefan Höhn to reporting this issue).

  • Added "Save to file..." menu also to the BytecodeOutline view

  • Added alternative "modulo" calculation of number of spaces during tabs->spaces convert operation.

    Old implementation just replaced all tabs with the appropriated amount of spaces, with no additional logic behind. This works good for well formatted code, but sometimes this might be slightly improved. Assume there was one space and one tab on the line (in this order), and the tab width was 4. Most of editors show this case with 4 "virtual" spaces (visually tab would "eat" prepended space). Therefore after tab->space convert this line would contain now only 4 "hard" spaces (and not 1+4 as before).

    This does work well if and only if all three conditions below are met:

    1. the same tab size was used as the one set in AnyEdit preferences

    2. spaces wasn't "cross over" mixed with tabs multiple times in a line

    3. spaces prepend tabs

    This new calculation mode is optional and is off by default.

  • Added new preference for switching new "modulo" convert mode described above on/off

  • Added keywords for AnyEdit preference page. Now it is easy to find AnyEdit preferences by just typing "AnyEdit" or "tabs" or "spaces" in the preferences filter text box. And there is also a tiny little easter egg in Eclipse now (guess what you would type if you would search for a really cool plugin options? :o).

New in version (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only)

  • Added "Open type" and "Open file" support to the MessageConsole (which is superclass of CVS and some other consoles) and Java Stack Trace console. As result AnyEdit supports more consoles as before :)

  • Fixed (small) bug related to "Show whitespace" button flickering in WebTools xml based editors (caused by duble dispatch of selection events).

  • Found a problem in WebTools: "Show whitespace"seems do not work as expected in WebTools based editors: see bug 156086. Current workaround is go to the Window-> Preferences-> General-> Editors-> Text Editors-> Annotations and set "White Space..." annotations "Text as... " option to "Squiggles" (default is Highlighting). It is not a perfect solution, but for now I don't see any chance to fix the problem on AnyEdit side, please see my comment to the bug above

New in version (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only)

  • Added support for MyEclipse SQL editor

  • Added support for Adobe Flex 2.0 family editors (Adobe's ActionsScript Editor, CSS Editor, MXML Editor)

  • Fixed missing "Convert to Upper/Lower Case" menu entries in CFML, Python and TTCN editors

New in version (for Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 only)

  • Added support for TRex TTCN3 editor

  • Fixed different API incompatibilities with Eclipse 3.3 milestones (Open type not working with 3.3 M3, NPE on startup/shutdown of 3.3M4)

  • Refactored AnyEdit to use less internal Eclipse JDT code ("Open type"...)

New in version (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • Added support for PyDev (Python development environment)

  • Added "Show whitespace in editor" button to the editor toolbar. Toggling this button will show all tabs and spaces in current editor with different (configurable) colors (@see examples and preferences). Amasing, after I've implemented it, I've found a similar bug in eclipse bugzilla, which is about 4 years old!

  • Refactored AnyEdit to allow custom project settings for tab<->spaces auto-convert-on-save feature. Now you can use AnyEdit auto-convert-on-save feature on projects with different whitespace code styles (e.g.C++ with tabs and Java with spaces). (@see preferences)

New in version (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • Added support for EPIC (Eclipse Perl support) and the Zend PHP IDE

  • Fixed non reproducible AIOBE in "open file"

New in version 1.5.5 (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • for Eclipse 3.2 only: "Open type" and "Open file" dialogs now remembers their positions

  • Rewritten "Open file" (+another one fix for external files), small improvements for "Open type"

  • "Open file" has now new option to limit search scope if multiple proposals found

  • Fixed bug that some "Open file" setting were saved but not loaded on restart

  • Added support for CFEclipse (an Eclipse plugin for CFML)

  • 1.5.3 - 1.5.4 was only internal tester releases

New in version 1.5.2 (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • Fixed small bug that external files could not be opened with "Open file" on Linux (and sometimes on Windows). Strange thing - it seems that this functionality is platform dependent...

New in version 1.5.1 (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • Fixed bug that on "File->Save All" action the "tab<->spaces" auto convert operation was not functional.

  • Added "Save All" button to the global toolbar and could allow remove "Print" button from it (because it is completely useless on Linux):

    New toolbar buttons
  • New toolbar hacks are configurable under "Window->Preferences->General->Editors->AnyEdit Tools->Misc. options"

  • Refactored internationalization: away from Sun's "ResourceBundle" and forward to the Eclipse "Messages" class. The funny thing is that ResourceBundle usage has caused failures on 1.6.0 beta SDK :)

  • 1.5.0 version was only internal tester release

New in version 1.4.4 (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

  • Added option to "open file" action pereferences to exclude "derived" files from search (this is default now)

  • If "open file" fails to find specified file, then only the file name is considered in the followed "open resource" dialog (and not the full search string as before)

  • 1.4.3 version was only internal tester release

New in version 1.4.2 (for Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2)

Added the "Convert -> Camel<->Underscores" action (<Ctrl+Alt+K>). Just select the desired text and then AnyEdit will auto-convert it from/to "camel" notation, like from "thisIsMyFieldName" to "this_is_my_field_name" and back.

Discontinued support for Eclipse 2.* and 3.0

New in version 1.4.1 (for Eclipse 3.1+ only)

Small UI fixes for convert multiple files at once

Fixed "ctrl + shift + R" key sequence on Eclipse 3.2

Moved "convert tabs<->spaces" action from context menu of recources navigator to the file menu (File->"convert tabs<->spaces")

New in version (for Eclipse 3.1+ only)

Final 1.4.0 release adds two major new features to the AnyEdit tools:

  1. Now it is possible to create exclusion filters for files, which shouldn't be modified on the "tab<->spaces" auto-convert operation. See the new file exclusion dialog on the redesigned AnyEdit preferences page. Currently is is possible to have only one "*" wildcard either for file name of for file suffix, Ant-like path wildcards are not supported (yet).

  2. A new context menu "Convert tabs <-> spaces" is now added to the files and folders. You can select either multiple files or multiple folders to perform "tab<->spaces" auto-convert operation without to open all files in editor. This will run the convert action for all *known* text files, with current AnyEdit settings (which now includes a new file exclusion list). Which files are known to be "text"-files? Check under Window->Preferences->General->Content Types->"Text". All registered files could be modified by AnyEdit in the "batch" mode. You could add not known files to this types too. The results summary of the convert action will be logged into the Eclipse "Error Log" view.

    Please use this action carefully, because really *all* selected and writable text files will be modified and this operation could not be undone if you do not have backup.

New in version 1.4.0 - (for Eclipse 3.1+ only)

Internal test releases with new features for early adopters :)

New in version 1.3.8 (for Eclipse 3.1+ only)

Compatibility fix for Eclipse 3.2 Milestone 5: fixed ClassNotFoundException (no other functional changes). This release is still compatible with Eclipse 3.1.*

New in version 1.3.7 (for Eclipse 3.1+ only)

  1. Added support for Ruby Editor from RDT (Ruby Development Tools)

  2. Added toolbar button for the "Open Workspace File" Action (this action is available in the default Eclipse installation only under menu "Navigate->Open Resource", or "Ctrl+Shift+R").

    Check this pictures:




New in version 1.3.6 (for Eclipse 3.1 + MyEclipse 4.0 only)

  1. Fixed plugin.xml for MyEclipse 4.0. Now all MyEclipse file types are also supported.

New in version 1.3.5 (for Eclipse 3.1 only)

  1. Fixed plugin.xml for JSP fragment content types in WTP editors. Now *.jsf, *.jspf, *.tag etc files are also supported.

  2. Added support for PHPEClipse (thanks to Axel Kramer from PHPEClipse team).

  3. Made dependency to JDT tools optional - AnyEdit is now fully functional on any Eclipse Platform installation, even without JDT Tools like CDT or PHPClipse.

  4. Added new preference "replace all tabs (not only leading)" for "convert tabs to spaces" action. This option is disabled by default. If enabled, then all tabs in the text will be replaced to spaces while "convert tabs to spaces" action (and not only leading).

  5. Some smaller refactorings.

  6. Added Eclipse update site (as requested about 42 times by Eugene Kuleshov :p ).

New in version 1.3.4 (for Eclipse 3.1 only)

Fixed plugin.xml for all WTP M5 editor contributions (jsp, xml, css, dtd, xsd, html, js).

New in version 1.3.3

Update for Eclipse 3.1 M7 only (Eclipse API change), no bugfixes, no functionality changes.

Fixed? the WTP M4 editors contribution (to be verified as soon as the next stable contribution for M7 wil be released).

New in version 1.3.2

Update for Eclipse 3.1 M6 only (Eclipse API change), no bugfixes, no functionality changes.

New in version 1.3.1

Extended/fixed "Open file" action behavoir. Now it search first relative to current document path, then in enclosing project, then in referenced projects (if any), then in dependent projects (if any), then in remaining projects in current workspace, and then for absolute file names on local hard disk.

Small fix for IBM WTP contribution, code cleanup.

Note: this plugin version has separate distributions for Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 because of changed Eclipse API.

New in version 1.3.0

Now trailing whitespace and/or tabs<->spaces conversion could be performed automatically on "save" action in nearly all text editors, even in editors which are not directly supported by AnyEdit context menu actions.

"Open file under cursor" could now open external files (not in Eclipse project/workspace) too.

Improved performance of long-running text actions.

Updated for Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 M5.

Note: this plugin version has separate distributions for Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 because of changed Eclipse API. - small fix for IBM WTP contribution, code cleanup

New in version 1.2.1 (for Eclipse 3.1 M4+ only!)

No functionality was changed - this release is the compatibility fix for Eclipse 3.1 M4 release. The plugin works now without problems under M4 but it is not more compatible with older 3.0.* releases.

Please do not use this plugin release with older Eclipse releases!

New in version 1.2.0

This release was initiated by Ray Vanderborght. He has submitted code for converting case (to upper/to lower) with nice icons and I have then complete his work and add a full support for "convert case" operations (invert/capitalize). Now with AnyEdit tools installed on top of Eclipse I feel me like with old good UltraEdit.

New in version 1.1.0

This release was initiated by Ingmar Krusch.

Each action (except in console view) has now an assotiated key binding - i.e. you can run "Open type" with "Ctrl+Alt+T" or "Convert tabs to spaces" with "Ctrl+Alt+Space" etc. If it is not already done, you can activate this by enabling "Window -> Customize Perspective... -> Commands -> AnyEdit commands" checkbox. Do not wonder if there aren't menu/toolbar items - this is intended by design ;).

"Convert chars to Html entities" action can now preserve already converted entities - this is default, but can by turned off in preferences.

"Open" Actions will now open default Eclipse "Open type" and "Open resource" dialogs if selected text doesn't contain any helpful information for file or type search. The small but nice difference to default Eclipse actions is that the opened dialog already contains selected text with wildcards around it.

Added icons to actions.

New in version 1.0.3

This release is initiated by contribution of Samir Buchaim (thanks) - added some common portuguese characters to "convert chars to entities" action and vice verca. Also some memory fixes for long running "convert tabs to spaces" operations.

New in version 1.0.2

This release is updated for compatibility with first contribution of eclipse web tools platform project from IBM.

New in version 1.0.1

This release is updated for Eclipse 3.0 and doesn't works with older milestones because of changed Eclipse API.

Small enhancement for "open" actions in Eclipse console view.

New in version 1.0.0

This release support now only Eclipse 3.0 (Eclipse 2.x will be no more supported).

Main change in this release - completely rewritten "convert" actions:

  1. Better encoding support - e.g. UTF-8/16 etc.

  2. Better markers support - breakpoints, bookmarks etc are preserved after "convert" actions.

Added support for new Eclipse 3.0 console / ant / pde view/editors.

Added support for CDT editor.

Small "beauty" fix in "Convert spaces to tabs" action.

New in version 0.9

We are closer to 1.0 version :), therefore some major changes: different "Spaces" and "Html" menus are disappear, there is one new "Convert" menu. "Remove trailing spaces" is no more a single action, but default behavior of other "space" actions (this can be changed in preferences). There is a new "Spaces to Tabs" action too.

0.9.1 - Added workaround for Eclipse bug #57388, thanks to Ghislain Cussonneau to reporting this strange behavior.

0.9.2 - Added french translation, contributed by Ghislain Cussonneau.

0.9.3 - Fix "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError" on Eclipse M8.

New in version 0.8

"Open file" action support "jump to line" now. E.g. if reference text contains line number like "my/Test.java:120", then after opening referenced file (Test.java) in editor, referenced line (120) will be highlighted.
Added support for ColorEditor.

New in version 0.7

Added "Open" actions support for Java/Debug Console View. Now you can open files/java types directly from debug console view too.

Note: This works with Eclipse 2.x.x releases only! (M7 Console is not supported - no time/fun to provide this functionality for any Eclipse milestone and maintain two different releases).

Refactoring, bug fixing.

New in version 0.6

Added support for AntEditor, Plug-in Manifest Editor, and SystemSummaryEditor (last one just for fun ;)

New in version 0.5

Enhancement of "Open file under cursor" action - search for all possible (matching to "guessed" file path) files in entire project, if no one found starting from current editor path.

New in version 0.4

Added two new "Html" actions: convert characters to Html entities and back.
Added new setting for save modified editor buffer before performing any action on buffer.

New in version 0.3

Added support for PHPEditor from Xored TruStudio.

New in version 0.2

Add new option for Java files: if enabled (default), then "Spaces" action will use for Java files Java editor tab width (see Java editor preference page).

New in version 0.1

Tested with Eclipse 2.1.2 and 3.0M7 (works!).



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