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AnyEdit tools plugin for Eclipse: examples

AnyEdit in action...

AnyEdit preferences...

AnyEdit Import/Export working sets wizards

AnyEdit import/export working sets wizards

Anyedit *editor context* actions (Convert... and Open...)

AnyEdit editor context actions

Anyedit *file or editor context* actions (Compare With... and Replace With...)

AnyEdit editor/file context actions

Anyedit *editor context* actions (Sort...)

AnyEdit editor sort actions

Anyedit *console context* actions (Open... and Save to file...)

AnyEdit console context actions


Anyedit *file/folder context* actions (for multiple files/folders, selected in Navigator view)

All AnyEdit actions

This menu will be enabled only for files or folders. This menu is intensionally not available for projects.

"Save All" and "Open File" buttons in the main toolbar (and Print button is removed :)

New toolbar buttons


"Show whitespace in editor" button in the main toolbar and whitespace annotations in editor

New toolbar buttons


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